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Gallery Ichneumonidae

Démarré par admin, 19 Juillet 2009 à 16:14:00

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The gallery of Ichneumonidae  

Welcome in the gallery!
This gallery has only like claim to make you discover the diversity of the world of Ichneumonidae (except Braconidae). It should enable you to bring closer your photographs the species appearing there!

Knowing the difficulty of the identification of this group, you will understand that we are not safe from an error and this same, if we take a maximum of precautions to avoid it!  
I will be obliged sometimes besides to modify a determination by the author could encircle this one better later on, of new publications generate sometimes a necessary actualization of the scientific name of a species.  

I thank in particular the members for the forums Hymis, Photentomo,, Cebe, Arthropa, and some other photographers who agreed to lend their photographs to me and without which this gallery could not have been born.
If you prefer that your real name is registered there rather than your pseudonym, say it to me!
If by inadvertency, I used a photograph without your permission, announce it to me nicely, thank you for your comprehension!

Later on, I will count the bonds of the sites of the contributors authors, thank you for your patience!

I thank also the few identifiers which agreed to devote their time to these determinations, very few in Europe, their assistance is only more appreciable!

Your comments are welcome with < >  

Your possible contributions of photographs to this gallery are also wished, I will determine them according to my competences or those of my fellow-members and if you authorize me there, I would include them in the gallery! You can send them to the heading Ichneumonologie Identification Ichneumon on <>  

At the time of this sending, it is wished to send, the size of the insect, a minimum of ecological information, the date of the observation and the place of this one!  
These data allow the update of the Atlas  Mons/Gembloux of Hymenoptera, the actualization of the European list of Fauna europaea and Taxapad, the world bank of data of Ichneumonidae.

This gallery is protected by a Copyright; I will transmit a possible loan application to the author of the photograph!
Any reference to these determinations on other sites or publications must be accompanied by the mention of its determinator, of the author of the photograph and that of this gallery!

Example:   Laboratory Insects and environment, R. Nash photo, C.Thirion dt  

For the author of a photograph which reproduces this determination on its own site, the name of the determinator owes y illustrated.

Good visit on <>

Camille THIRION, Administrator-Regulator
B-AWIRS, 26 February, 2015